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Thursday, January 17, 2008



Welcome to CareAgain Wolves
CareAgain is a non-profit 501c3 organization that works to provide a better understanding of wolves, to effect significant changes towards improving the overall environment for wolves both in the wild and in captivity, and to allow others to share in this experience.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please consider helping move us to our new location! For more information email mailto:lenamalikhusky@gmail.com

CareAgain provides permanent harbor to a complete wolf pack family in a unique, pristine wilderness setting. This family is a participant in many ethological studies, as well as pioneering the only USDA recognized wolf rabies vaccine study, and bio-degradable birth control implants that allow wolves in captivity to still exist in a true family pack structure yet not produce unwanted/unsupportable pups each year. We are in the process of relocating to a beautiful wild setting above 10,000 feet backing up to a national forest. It has a fast running creek with waterfalls and an amazing variety of terrain and wild growth. Once completed, it will include artificially augmented rocks to form caves, bridges, and other structures for us. The focus is to allow us to live, as much as possible, as we are intended, in a family unit. This creates a wonderful environment for learning about our interactions, and provides much needed study information as well. After we are completely resettled, we hope to eventually resume some more of our outreach programs, which incorporate wilderness photography, other art projects, and other interesting programs that are usually one-on-one for children/teens who have suffered a severe change or loss in their lives and need a special break in the routine they face daily. With the recent loss of some of our most valuable staff members, we are looking for new talent and ideas in many areas to help provide such programs and create new ones as well. CareAgain does not charge for any programs, does not do 'tours', and is solely a volunteer-based organization.

Our friend and caretaker, Jacqueline has devoted her life and almost all of her resources into helping us live as we were meant to, and to providing us with a safe place where we can just be wolves. She works tirelessly from sunup until past sundown, making sure our needs are met, and trying to single handedly build a fence around our home, to keep us safe from man-made dangers, and from those who wish us harm, or would like to see us fail, due to a lack of understanding or a misconception that we are evil or dangerous. We are neither! We are simply God's creatures, who wish only to live our lives free from persecution. We live and love much as humans do, in a family that cares about & for each member of our pack, and we have as much right to live as any other being. Jacqueline has lost her home, and been fighting pneumonia for the last few weeks, but she never gives up because she believes we're worth it, don't you agree?

All monetary donations are welcome, of course, but what is really needed right now is able bodies that can help our dear Jacqueline complete the fence so that we can be safe in a contained and enclosed setting. If you are in the Divide, CO area, plan to be in our area, or know someone who is, won't you consider donating some of your time to help her complete this task?

The picture in the header of our blog is Willow and her pups. Actually they weren't her pups until she "adopted" them as her own. Sweet Willow was killed last year, when some misguided and/or misinformed person poisoned her. She died in Jacqueline's arms. We all miss her, but poor Jacqueline most of all, they had a very special bond.

I am Oden, alpha male of our pack.

This is Circe, our alpha female. Isn't she beawootiful?

Here is a picture of a couple of our pups, have you ever seen anything sweeter?

We'll have more pictures and stories to come in the future, but for now we have just one question;

Can you look into these eyes and not want to help?

Please, if you can , consider a donation, whether in the form of money or labor, we need you!